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Anwar Kawtharani, Ed.D

Anwar Kawtharani, Ed.D

anwar kawtharani


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Dean of the School of Education at the Lebanese International University (LIU)

The dean is the top academic and administrative leader of the school, representing its interests. Key responsibilities include new faculty recruitment, strategic planning, professional development, performance evaluation, course offerings review, and course release assignments. These roles demand strong leadership and accountability skills, backed by career experience.

2005 - PRESENT

Director of Office of International Relations at (LIU)

This role oversees global engagement and collaboration initiatives. Responsibilities include fostering international partnerships, managing exchange programs, and promoting a diverse and inclusive campus environment. Strong leadership and cross-cultural competencies are essential for success in this position.

2021 - PRESENT

Member of the Governing Board UNIMED

UNIMED addresses a multitude of subjects aligned with the priorities of universities and specific regions. Engaging in projects across diverse fields, it tackles issues spanning university governance, refugee integration, sustainable development, digital education, employability, and intercultural dialogue. Additionally, UNIMED maintains active communication with academic experts and institutional partners through its thematic SubNetworks and other initiatives.

2023 - PRESENT

Lead Evaluator - COGNIA

Cognia, a non-profit organization, accredits primary and secondary schools globally. Established in 2006 as AdvancED, it merged with the Northwest Accreditation Commission in 2012. Cognia's accreditation standards apply to diverse educational entities, from Charter School Authorizers to Postsecondary Schools.

2023 - PRESENT

IACQA Conference Director

Orchestrating collaborative platform for professionals and researchers, guiding esteemed speakers, organizers, and attendees, ensuring a vibrant experience, and propelling the conference as a nexus for cutting-edge insights and industry networking.

2018 - 2019

Head of the English Language Department at AMJAD High School

Leading the English Language Department at AMJAD High School, this adept individual oversees curriculum development, faculty management, and fosters a dynamic learning environment. With a commitment to enhancing English language proficiency, they play a key role in equipping students with essential language skills for academic and professional success.

International Football Analyst

A seasoned International Football Analyst providing sharp insights into global football. With a deep understanding of tactics and player dynamics, they offer expert commentary, enhancing the audience's appreciation for international football events.

Examiner to PhD candidates in the field of Education

A dedicated Advisor and Examiner for PhD candidates in Education and TEFL at the Lebanese University since 2013, who provides expert guidance in thesis development, research methodologies, and academic support, fostering excellence in scholarly pursuits.

Researcher and Author

A distinguished Researcher and Author, contributing significantly to the academic landscape. Engaging in rigorous research across diverse domains, they produce insightful publications that advance scholarly discourse. With expertise spanning various topics, their dedication to expanding intellectual horizons makes impactful contributions to their respective field.

CEO at Advanced Knowledge International

This venture is a tribute to the enduring influence of my late father. Grateful for the unwavering support of dedicated colleagues and partners standing by me tirelessly.


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